Premium Blue

GOfuel is the first New Zealand marine petroleum company to launch a ‘Super Diesel’ available from pumps at selected marine fuel stops around the country. Super Diesel Premium Blue (SDPB) is a High Performance, Low Emission, Next Generation Fuel which utilises a revolutionary, innovative and environmentally friendly fuel additive technology that has been scientifically proven to substantially lower harmful emissions while reducing fuel consumption and engine wear. 

As a company we always want the best for our customers therefore, GOfuel made the decision to deliver Super Diesel – Premium Blue. Which has been proven to be a major success with all of our customers who have noticed a positive difference.

Super Diesel Premium Blue has been developed in partnership with HFT (Hybrid Fuel Technology) using eight technologies: Cetane Improver, Injector Cleaner, Surfactant, Lubricant, Anti Oxidant Stabiliser, Flocculent (demulsifier), Algaecide / Biocide and an Anti Foaming Agent.

The SDPB additive was initially developed and tested in Australia through extensive R&D under the Boeing Airline Quality Assurance System with support from the Australian Government ‘Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research’ for the mining, oil and gas industry. The primary objective was to improve occupational health and safety of the underground working environment by reducing particulate emissions. However numerous additional benefits are now being demonstrated in other industries around the globe.

We believe Premium Blue is the best diesel in New Zealand, containing the best quality biocide available to kill algae and diesel bug. Along with an injector cleaner to remove issues many engines using normal diesel have. It will also reduce your carbon emissions by up to 20%, which is much better for our environment. Premium Blue also makes your engines more powerful, burn cleaner & cooler, and uses less fuel – in fact Premium Blue Diesel uses up to 10% less fuel saving you money in the long run.