Shell Cassida HF 15 / P22L

Shell Cassida HF 15 / P22L

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CASSIDA FLUID HF is a high performance, anti-wear multipurpose lubricants, specially developed for use in machinery used in the food and beverage processing and packaging industry. They are based on a careful blend of synthetic fluids and selected additives chosen for their ability to meet the stringent requirements of the food industry.

• Hydraulic systems.
• Hydrostatic gears.
• Plain and anti-friction bearings.
• General purpose lubrication including light duty gearboxes.
• Circulating oil systems.

• The base fluid has an ability to provide superior lubrication under the majority of operating conditions.
• Good anti-wear performance offers long and reliable component life, resulting in greater plant utilisation and therefore lower maintenance costs.
• Prevent component damage trough excellent water separation properties, which resist formation of potentially harmful emulsions.
• Excellent air release and antifoam characteristics minimise cavitations.
• Resist the formation of harmful products of oxidation, even at elevated temperatures, resulting in long oil life.
• Neutral odor and taste.
• High viscosity index results in minimum variation of viscosity with change in temperature.
• Effective protection against corrosion of metal surfaces.

• Most pharmacopoeia regulations, including the British and US regulations.
• US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Regulation CFR (Code of Federal Regulation) 172.878 governing direct food additives permitted in food for human consumption.
• Approval by New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry for use in Licensed Meat premises: Specification: Lubricant Category: C15.
• Registered with the Australian Quarantine and Inspection service (AQIS) as a lubricant TYPE A.

• 22L pail.