Shell Gadus S2 V1000AD 2 / C12*450G

Shell Gadus S2 V1000AD 2 / C12*450G

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Shell Gadus S2 V1000AD 2 / C12*450G
    • High performance severe duty grease with solids.

      • Heavy duty protection.
      • Multipurpose.
      • Lithium calcium.

      Shell Gadus S2 V1000AD 2 is a high performance grease for the lubrication of bearings subjected to the most arduous conditions. It is based on heavy duty semi synthetic base oils and a mixed lithium/ calcium soap thickener. It contains extreme-pressure, anti-wear, anti-corrosion and adhesion additives. The addition of molybdenum disulphide provides additional resistance to shock loading.

    • Shell Gadus S2 V1000AD 2 is recommended for the lubrication of severe duty applications even in damp and hostile conditions including:

      • Heavy earth-moving pins and bushes.
      • Turntables.
      • Slow moving industrial journal and rolling element bearings.

      This grease is particularly suited where flingoff, water and vibration are problems and heavy shock loads are experienced. This grease is not recommended for high speed bearings.

      • Operating Temperature Range:
      • 0°C to +130°C.
      • Dark grey in colour.
      • 12 x 450gram cartridges.