Shell Glystantin G40 Coolant 50% premix/ P20L

Shell Glystantin G40 Coolant 50% premix/ P20L

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GLYSANTIN G40 is an engine coolant pre-mix based on ethylene glycol that needs to be diluted with water before use. GLYSANTIN G40 contains a corrosion inhibitor package based on salts of organic acids and silicates (Si-OAT coolant). It is free of nitrites, amines, phosphates and borates.

GLYSANTIN G40 protects engines against corrosion, overheating and frost. It effectively protects engines against corrosion and deposits in the cooling system with its vital parts, the coolant channels in engine block and cylinder head, the radiator, the water pump and heater core.

• MAN Truck & Bus: MAN 324 Typ 5, OAT.
• Mercedes Benz Truck & Bus: MB Approval 326.5.
• Mercedes Benz Car: MB Approval 326.6.
• MTU: MTL 5048.
• Cummins: CES 14603.
• Deutz: DQC CC-14.
• Lamborgini: TL 774-G.
• Andi: TL 774-G.
• Bently: TL 774-G.
• Bugatti: TL 774-G.
Physical Data
• Density at 20 C: 1.123 - 1.126 g/cm3 DIN 51 757-3.
• Boiling point: min 163 C ASTM D 1120.
• Flash point: min 120 C DIN ISO 2592.
• pH value: 8.2 - 8.6 ASTM D 1287.
• Reserve alkalinity 8.0 - 11.0 ml ASTM D 1121.
• Water contentmax 3.0% DIN 51 777-1.

GLYSANTIN G40 fufills the requirements of the following coolant standards:
• AS 2108-2004, ASTM D 3306, ASTM D 4985, SAE J1034.
• 20 L.
• 1000 L IBC.
• 205L drum.

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