Shell Mysella S3 S 40 / D209L

Shell Mysella S3 S 40 / D209L

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Shell Mysella S3 S 40 / D209L
    • Medium Ash Gas Engine Oil.
      Shell Mysella S3 S is a high performance quality oil blended for use in 4-stroke, spark-ignition engines which require a ‘medium ash’ oil or use sour gases such as landfill, bio or sewage gas as fuel.
      Shell Mysella S3 S is also suitable for engines that traditionally require a medium ash oil to protect the valve seating area of the cylinder head.
      Shell Mysella S3 S satisfies the new generation of stationary gas engines designed to meet the emerging legislation limiting emissions of NOx, and those which employ the latest ‘lean’ or ‘clean’ burn technology:

      • Extended oil life.
      • Engine protection.
      • Spark-ignited gas engines fuelled by natural gas.
      • May also be used for landfill and biogases.
      • “Dual-fuel” gas engines ignited by diesel pilot fuel.
    • Approved by:

      • GE Jenbacher: Series 2,3 Fuel Class B and C.
      • MAN 3271-4.
      • Rolls Royce: KG-1, KG-2, KG-3 (Bio Gas Operation).
      • Waukesha: Cogen Application (Pipeline quality natural gas).

      Meets requirements of:

      • MAN: Ruston Engines (Natural Gas, Landfill/Digester gas/Biogas, Dual Fuel (Pilot Diesel).
      • Wartsila: CR 26.
      • 209L drum.