About Us

After many years in the fuel industry, Rob Bolton established Petroleum Logistics (trading as GOfuel) in Wellington in 2005. He has built the business from the ground up.

Proudly New Zealand owned and operated, we have a very experienced Board and shareholders who provide guidance and governance to the team.

GOfuel is a nationwide one-stop-shop for all your fuel requirements.

We operate the largest fuel station network on the water throughout New Zealand from Mangonui in the far north to Bluff in the south. 

We are committed to providing products that are better for the environment, which is why we are moving to Mobil Diesel Efficient in our Marina fuel facilities. Mobil Diesel Efficient is an advanced fuel formulation engineered to lower carbon emissions and offer fuel savings.

We offer ‘NO FEES’ fuel cards from Mobil, BP and Z. These provide savings off fuel prices nationwide on land and sea. They are widely accepted by service stations, fuel outlets, truckstops and marine sites throughout New Zealand.

We are developing an aviation Aero Stop network with seven locations currently. All are 24-hour self-service card-operated sites.

We are the Authorised Distributor in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands for AeroShell products.

Our tankers provide on-site refuelling services for commercial sites such as refuelling forklifts, diggers, bulldozers; farm tanks; home heating and bulk fuel to boats and trucks and assist in the management of fleets and heavy machinery.

Our local presence is key to maintaining and nurturing relationships with our customers and understanding their requirements.

We are always looking for ways to improve our service offering and strive to provide exceptional service to our customers - going the extra mile is part of our ethos.