On-Site and Bulk Tank Refueling

GOfuel Tankers - On-site and Bulk Tank Refuelling Service

GOfuel Tankers, an on-site refuelling service, bring fuel to direct to your boat, truck, or bulk fuel delivery to fuel tanks.

At the moment our fuel trucks are based in Tauranga and Whakatane and can deliver out to Opotiki and Omokoroa.

Our tanker service is a fully approved TIER ONE plan, so our tanker trucks can refuel/bunker all vessels at wharves all around the Bay of Plenty region from Taupo to Whakatane. 

Premium Blue Diesel

GOfuel deliver Super Diesel – Premium Blue which is a major success with all of our customers who have noticed a positive difference.

Premium Blue diesel contains the best quality biocide available to kill algae and diesel bug. Along with an injector cleaner, it also removes issues many engines using normal diesel have. It will also reduce your carbon emissions by up to 20%, which is much better for our environment.

Premium Blue Diesel uses up to 10% less fuel saving you money.

Shell Lubricants

GOfuel are New Zealand’s official reseller of all Shell Lubricants. This includes the automotive Helix brand and commercial, industrial, farming and marine oils and grease. GOfuel offer these at wholesale prices with free delivery to our customers.

We offer free Shell Lubricants Recommendations to our customers, directly from the Shell Lubricant Engineer Specialists. Providing a full range of quality Shell Lubricants backed up with qualified and expert technical knowledge.

Even better – GOfuel promises their customers with the best price. 


GOfuel are proud to stock and supply AdBlue - a non-toxic, non-flammable; biodegradable urea and water-based liquid additive that processes the gases in a car exhaust system to remove harmful nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions. Every drop of our AdBlue produced, is certified to VDA standards and ISO 22241 prior to release from the production facility here in New Zealand.

Available in 20L, 200L drums, 1000L IBC and Bulk AdBlue tanks.

GOfuel Levno Fuel Tank Monitoring System 

GOfuel have partnered with Levno to help your instant fuelling needs and stop fuel thieves. The monitoring system allows your GOfuel team to be alerted immediately when your fuel is getting low and will dispatch a truck to your tank straightaway. No more worries when your tank has enough fuel.

You are also instantly notified when fuel is taken, at any time of day or night. 

** Our GOfuel Levno system continuously updates the dashboard and sends alerts to mobile and PC.

Other Services and Products:

  • Bulk Tank Solutions for storage – from farm tanks to large yard tanks with fuel management systems.
  • Lubricants – NZ distributor of Shell Lubricants; for Industrial, Automotive, Marine and Commercial use.
  • Fleet Cards – Suppliers of Mobil, Z Energy and BP Cards.
  • LubEco Bio Lubricants – Bio lubricants foully synthetic with worldwide Bio approvals.
  • Aviation Lubricants CAA approved (part 19F) – AeroShell, Phillips 66 & Mobil.
  • Marina Refuelling Network throughout NZ – 24 marine fuel pump sites with diesel & petrol.
  • Supplier of Filters – Fuel filters and oil filters, full range supplied.
  • Racing Fuel No.1 and Kerosene
  • Levno Fuel Tank Monitoring System.