Castrol Lubricants

GOfuel are an official stockists of the full range of Castrol Premium Performance Oils and Lubricants.

We offer free Castrol Lubricants Recommendations to our customers, directly from Castrol Lubricant Engineer Specialists, directly from Castrol Lubricant Engineer Specialist. We can provide recommendations for both old and new equipment and vehicles.

GOfuel provide Castrol products at wholesale prices with free delivery to customers.

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Why Castrol?
Since the late 19th century, Castrol has always been at the cutting-edge for engine oil technology and innovation. Founder Charles Wakefield worked with customers and world-leading pioneers in the motorcar, motorcycle and aviation industries to create ground-breaking products.

This relentless spirit continues today, constantly testing and improving what came before.

It's more than just oil. It's Liquid Engineering. Castrol provides all the oils, fluids and lubricants the world needs, for every driver, every rider and every industry.

Even if your lubrication costs represent a small part of your overall budget, Castrol can still help you to find significant savings. That's because less friction, less wastage, less reworking, less downtime and less reactive maintenance can all make a big difference to reducing Total Cost of Ownership, across every industrial sector.

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