Aeroshell Oil Sport Plus 4

Aeroshell Oil Sport Plus 4

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    • Developed in conjunction with ROTAX®, AeroShell Oil Sport Plus 4 is the first oil specifically developed for light sport aviation piston engines such as the ROTAX® 912 & 914 series. A combination of low cylinder head temperature (compared with air cooled engines), low oil consumption and the engine internals requires a blend of high quality hydrocarbon base stocks, incorporating synthetic technology, which allows full performance with different fuel types. This oil can be used in all climates.

      DO NOT use AeroShell Oil Sport Plus 4 in engines that are designed to use Ashless Dispersant aviation piston engines oils such as AeroShell W oils. This includes air-cooled Continental Motors and Textron Lycoming engines.

      • AeroShell Oil Sport Plus 4 is intended for use in four-stroke (four-cycle) aircraft piston engines that are of an original automotive design and which cannot, therefore, use traditional Ashless Dispersant aircraft engine oil types. These engines include carburetted, fuel-injected and turbocharged types such as the ROTAX® 912 & 914 series.
      • AeroShell Sport Plus 4 can be used in integrated gearbox and wet clutch systems.
      • AeroShell Oil Sport Plus 4 can be used in engines which operate on both unleaded gasoline and Avgas 100LL. The correct choice of additives and good solvent properties allow the oil to handle lead by-products that can form a semi solid sludge in the oil which can restrict oil passages and compromise lubrication. AeroShell Oil Sport Plus 4 is superior in this respect to those oil types intended for automotive/motorcycle application.
      • First specific oil for Light Sport and Very Light/Ultra light aircraft engines
      • Promotes engine cleanliness
      • Helps keep engines sludge and varnish free
      • Helps reduce oil consumption
      • Helps engines reach TBO (Time Between Overhauls)
      • Protects highly stressed engines parts against scuffing and wear
      • Anti-foaming additives to maximise lubrication effectiveness – especially for those engines operating an integrated gearbox
      • Better cold flow characteristics for easier starts and quicker protection
      • High thermal stability for longer-lasting and safer lubrication
      • Can be used in any climate
      • Advanced anti-rust and anti-wear package
      • 1 L
      • 1 L x 12
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