BIO 2T Outboard Oil

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BIO 2T Outboard Oil
    • LUBECO™ BIO 2T OUTBOARD OIL is a superior performance NMMA TC-W3® fully tested and certified lubricant for all 2-Stroke gasoline engines of outboards, jet-ski and other leisure craft. 

      BIO 2T OUTBOARD OIL is engineered using the latest technology for ultimate engine protection. It is readily biodegradable & non-toxic in the marine environment.

      • BIO 2T OUTBOARD OIL is recommended for use in modern high-performance, water-cooled, 2-Stroke engines, as well as, smaller or older outboard engines or where NMMA TC-2, TC-W, TC-WII or TC-W3 oils are recommended. It is suitable for both pre-mix and direct oil injection systems. BIO 2T OUTBOARD OIL is certified by NMMA for service TC-W3® at the engine manufacturer's recommended fuel/oil ratio. 

      • BIO 2T OUTBOARD OIL has the high capacity for water-cooled 2-Stroke engines required by all the major manufacturers: BOMBARDIER, CHRYSLER, EVINRUDE, FORCE, JOHNSON, KAWASAKI, MARINER, MERCURY, OMC, SEA-DOO, SUZUKI, TOHATSU, YAMAHA…

      • Outstanding detergency in outboard water-cooled 2-Stroke engines
      • No exhaust smoke, ash-free formula
      • Exceptional anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties
      • Protection of the engine’s internal components
      • Delivers excellent low-temperature performance
      • Prevents clogging of ports, piston ring sticking and spark plug fouling
      • Rust protection during extended engine storage periods
      • Meets the new lubricity requirements NMMA TC-W3® AF27
      • Readily biodegradable in the natural environment
      • 1L Bottle
      • 4L Container
      • 20L Container
      • 205L Drum