Bio Bar and Chain Oil 150

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Bio Bar and Chain Oil 150
    • LUBECO™ Bar & Chain Oil 150 is a premium quality, naturally tacky, rapeseed oil based, readily biodegradable lubricant providing a superior level of lubricity and improved anti-corrosion & anti-wear protection.

      LUBECO™ Bar & Chain Oil 150 contains specially selected EP/Extreme Pressure and AW/Anti-Wear additives and naturally present extremely high Viscosity Index. Developed to replace the usual mineral oil based chain lubricants in order to provide a greater performance and reduce environmental footprint.

      • Designed for the lubrication of stationery power saws and cutting equipment. Recommended lubricant for industrial and domestic applications where a contact between equipment and the surrounding natural environment is inevitable. Enhanced lubricity and improved tackiness define it particularly suitable for use on hot summer days.
      • Excellent lubricating properties
      • Naturally greater adhesion than mineral oils
      • Protected against polymerization
      • Improved anti-corrosion and anti-wear protection
      • Ideal for use on hot summer days
      • Increased overall system efficiency > positive impact on CO2 emissions
      • Readily biodegradable, EU Ecolabel certification no. CZ/27/001
      • 20L Container
      • 205L Drum