Bio Hydraulic Oil Plus 100 HEES

Bio Hydraulic Oil Plus 100 HEES

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Bio Hydraulic Oil Plus 100 HEES
    • LUBECO™ Hydraulic Oil PLUS presents a high performance, fully synthetic, zinc-free, readily biodegradable hydraulic fluid based on a mixture saturated synthetic esters. A special additive package delivers excellent extreme pressure properties, thermal oxidation resistance, anti-wear and non-foaming control. Because of the high Viscosity Index 

      Hydraulic Oil PLUS provides extremely wide operating temperature range. It allows for very long oil-change intervals resulting in cost effectiveness and CO2emissions reduction.

      Hydraulic Oil PLUS is produced at viscosity classes ISO VG 15/22/32/46/68/100

      • Hydraulic Oil PLUS is specifically designed for use in all hydraulic systems, both hydrostatic and hydrodynamic. Hydraulic Oil PLUS is particularly recommended for operations in environmentally sensitive areas (forestry, marine, hydropower plants, earth-moving, construction, agriculture, etc.)
      • Ultimate performance and anti-wear protection
      • Outstanding thermal oxidation stability
      • Wide operating temperature range, very low pour point
      • Very long oil-change interval > reduction in CO2 emissions
      • Neutral to seal materials and elastomers
      • Readily biodegradable; non-toxic, CO2 emissions reduction
      • EU Ecolabel Certificate of Environmental Excellence
      • 205L Drum