Castrol Agri Trans Plus 80W

Castrol Agri Trans Plus 80W

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Castrol Agri Trans Plus 80W

High quality mineral oil based hydraulic fluid for industrial equipment including injection moulding plus a wide range of machinery including presses, machine tools (CNC machines), certain gearboxes, bearing lubrication systems and many more applications requiring an oil with good anti-wear and anti-oxidant properties.

Suitable for gear, vane and piston type hydraulic pumps, except those containing silver or cadmium.




  • Optimise machine performanc
  • Extended life of seals
  • Reduced downtime, increased productivity
  • Reliability and extended pump life




  • ISO VG 10, 22, 32, 46, 68, 100
  • DIN 51524 Part 2
  • Denison HF-0 & HF-2
  • Cincinnati Milacron (P 68-69-70)
  • Bosch-Rexroth RE 07 075
  • US Steel 126 & 127
  • Eaton (formerly Vickers) I-286-S & M-2950-S
  • Bosch Rexroth RE90220