Castrol RX MONO 30

Castrol RX MONO 30

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Castrol RX MONO 30

A heavy duty, monograde medium ash engine oil formulated from highly refined mineral base oils.


It may be recommended for use in a wide variety of engines and transmissions. It particularly suits fleet operators who favour monograde oils and where a common oil is preferred for engine and powershift transmissions.



  • A balanced, anti-wear additive package which provides optimum wear control. Reduced piston ring and cylinder bore wear is achieved through the use of low volatility oils, which also minimise oil consumption.
  • Multi-functional detergent/dispersant additives help maintain engine cleanliness.
  • High temperature oxidation stability is maintained through anti-oxidant additives which work under extreme conditions, such as in supercharged diesels running for prolonged periods at near maximum output.




  • SAE 30
  • MB-Approval 228.0