Fyrex CI Diesel Treatment 1L

Fyrex CI Diesel Treatment 1L

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Fyrex CI Diesel Treatment Engineered to deliver customers the best fuel available. 

Able to convert contaminated fuel to a perfect high grade quality. 

Developed to maintain the same quality and result from tank storage to placement to combustion. Fyrex CI is an 'all in one' product that has 8 key elements setting Fyrex apart from the rest. 

Fuel Efficiency Improved 4-7% plus 
Bulk Treatment cost less than 2% 
Engine Power Increased 
Engine Wear Reduced 
Engine & Fuel System Protection 
CO2 & Noxious Emissions Reduced 
Particulates & Black Smoke down 24% 
Maximum Corrosion Resistance Biological Growth Eliminated 
Fuel Foaming Reduced 
Diesel Storage Life Significantly Increased 

Dose rate: 1:2000