Shell Cassida VP 100 / P22L

Shell Cassida VP 100 / P22L

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Shell Cassida VP 100 / P22L
    • CASSIDA FLUID VP 68 and 100 are high performance fluids specially developed for use in vacuum pumps used in the food and beverage processing and packaging industry. They are based on a careful blend of synthetic fluids and selected additives chosen for their ability to meet the stringent requirements of the food and beverage industry.

    • Vacuum pumps which produce medium vacuum Seal and paint compatibility Compatible with the elastomers, gaskets, seals and paints normally used in food machinery lubrication systems.

      • The base fluid has an ability to provide superior lubrication under the majority of operating conditions.
      • Very good anti-wear performance resulting in greater plant utilization.
      • Inherently good water shedding properties and resistance to foaming.
      • Excellent high temperature performance resists the formation of harmful products of oxidation at elevated temperatures, resulting in long oil life.
      • Neutral odor and taste.
      • High viscosity index.
      • Good protection against corrosion of all metal working surfaces.
      • Good low temperature properties down to -40 ° C (-40 °F).
      • Most pharmacopoeia regulations, including the British and US regulations.
      • US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Regulation CFR (Code of Federal Regulation) 172.878 governing direct food additives permitted in food for human consumption.
      • Approval by New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry for use in Licensed Meat premises: Specification: Lubricant Category: C15.
      • Registered with the Australian Quarantine and Inspection service (AQIS) as a lubricant TYPE A.
      • 22L pail.