Shell Gadinia S3 40 / D209L

Shell Gadinia S3 40 / D209L

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Shell Gadinia S3 40 / D209L
    • Shell Gadinia S3 40 is a high quality, multifunctional diesel engine lubricant which has been specially designed for the most severe service main propulsion and auxiliary marine trunk piston engines burning distillate, hybrid and bio-fuels with a sulphur content up to 1%. The newly formulated Shell Gadinia S3 40 has also been optimised for use in non-engine applications which are typically found on board such as gearboxes, clutches and stern tubes.

    • Shell Gadinia S3 40 offers excellent resistance to oxidation and thermal degradation so it can offer longer oil life, especially in high stress engines under severe operating conditions.

    • Shell Gadinia S3 40 can help to extend engine life by reducing deposit formation in the piston ring belt and cylinder liners reducing the risk of ring sticking and breakage. In addition, the new formulation has been designed to minimise laquer formation resulting in greater control of oil consumption and reduced operating costs.

    • Shell Gadinia S3 40 has been designed to have greater tolerance to engine overload or poor combustion. It will also offer a greater safety margin to protect highly loaded bearings, in the event of water contamination, due to Shell Gadinia S3 40 improved water tolerance and separation in separators. Shell Gadinia S3 40 is also approved for use in a number of non-engine applications such as gearboxes, clutches and stern tubes – this can help small operators to minimise inventory by removing the requirement to keep multiple specialist lubricants on board.

      • Highly rated, medium speed, main propulsion and auxiliary trunk-piston stationary and marine diesel engines.
      • Shell Gadina S3 30 will also perform satisfactorily in smaller high-speed engines typically use in fishing fleets which operate under arduous conditions and have small sump sizes.
      • Turbochargers, oil filled stern tubes and variable pitch propellers.
      • Deck machinery and other marine applications requiring SAE 40 viscosity oils.
      • 209L drum.
      • 1000L IBC.