Shell Gadus S3 T220 2 / P18K

Shell Gadus S3 T220 2 / P18K

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Shell Gadus S3 T220 2 / P18K
    • Ultimate performance extreme pressure di-urea grease.
      Shell Gadus S3 T220 2 is a high technology grease designed to give
      optimum performance for grease lubrication in industrial bearing
      applications NLGI 2.

    • General Engineering, Steel, Paper, Aluminium, Chemical and many others. Recommended as an extreme pressure grease for highly loaded ball, roller and plain bearing applications at high temperatures where extended service life is required. Proven in the following applications:

      • Hot strip mills.
      • Paper mill bearings (dry end).
      • Electrical motors (large).
      • Shell Gadus S3 T220 2 is recommended for use over the temperature range -10°C - 160°C (even up to 180°C with suitable adjustment of relubrication interval).
      • 18kg pail.
      • 12 x 450gram Cartridges.