Shell Morlina S2 B 150 / D209L

Shell Morlina S2 B 150 / D209L

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Shell Morlina S2 B oils are premium quality mineral oils blended with carefully selected additives for use in circulation systems and certain other industrial applications which do not require oils with EP properties.
Advanced circulating and bearing oil.
ISO VG 150 and 220.

• Machine circulation systems.
• Oil lubricated plain and rolling element bearings.
• Roll-neck bearings.
• Low or moderately loaded enclosed gears.

• Morgan MORGOIL® Lubricant Specification New Oil (rev.1:1).
• Danieli Standard Oil 6.124249.F.
• DIN 51517-1 type C.
• DIN 51517-2 type CL.

• Shell Morlina S2B 150
• 209L drum.
• 20L pail.
• Shell Morlina S2B 220
• 209L drum.
• 20L pail.
• Shell Morlina S2 B 460
• 209L drum.

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