Shell Rimula R3 10W (CF) / P20L

Shell Rimula R3 10W (CF) / P20L

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Shell Rimula R3 10W (CF) / P20L
    • NOT for use as a diesel engine oil.
      Mainly used as hydraulic/hydrostatic transmission oil for NZ ambient temperature conditions.
      Shell Rimula R3 10W Energised Protection oil features proven lubricant chemistry that adapts to your driving needs to provide extra protection whatever the demands of your equipment.
      Featuring an active-detergent system to keep parts clean, it provides protection against wear for long life and protection against deposits for efficient performance.

    • Shell Rimula R3 10W is a low viscosity oil based on engine oil technology. It is recommended for use in hydraulic systems that require a minimum of 900 ppm zinc.
      Shell Rimula R3 10W should NOT be used in engines.

      • API service classification CF.
      • 20L pail.
      • 209L drum.