Shell Rimula R4 X 15W-40 / C3*5L

Shell Rimula R4 X 15W-40 / C3*5L

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Shell Rimula R4 X 15W-40 / C3*5L
    • Multigrade Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil.

      Shell Rimula R4 X contains a specially optimised combination of performance additives and chemicals that is designed to provide the right level of engine cleanliness, wear and oxidation protection under the tough conditions in engines equipped with exhaust gas
      recirculation (EGR). Shell Rimula R4 X is formulated with an enhanced acid-control system to help fleet operators to achieve maximum drain flexibility.

      Shell Rimula R4 X helps to prevent oil thickening and the formation of harmful deposits in all areas of the engine, including the bulk oil in the sump and the thin oil films at high temperatures in the piston ring belt area.

      A clean engine inside is critical for efficient operation and long engine life. Shell Rimula R4 X has been shown to keep engines cleaner than previous generation oils.
      Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) introduces some exhaust gas into the inlet air charge to reduce peak combustion temperatures, which lowers emissions of nitrogen oxides. The exhaust gases contain acids and soot particles that can have a detrimental effect on oil performance in terms of corrosion- and soot-induced wear. EGR also leads to higher oil temperatures, which stress the oil further.
      Shell Rimula R4 X has been designed to lubricate in the performance- demanding environment of engines with EGR.

    • With its excellent protection against wear and deposits, Shell Rimula R4 X is suitable for a wide range of high-power, heavy-duty diesel engine applications. Its wide range of approvals and specifications from many of the world’s leading engine makers makes Shell Rimula R4 X an excellent choice for on-highway logistics, general haulage and public transport operators.
      Shell Rimula R4 X is suitable for all pre-US 2007 engines, most Euro 4 and 5 engines (without diesel particulate filters), as well as earlier engine types.

    • Consult your vehicles handbook to confirm the requirements.

      • Total Base Number (TBN): 10.5 mg KOH/g.
      • API Classifications: SL (petrol) C1-4, CH-4, CG-4, CF-4, CF/SL.
      • ACEA Classifications E3, E5 & E7.
      • JASO DH-1.
      • Global DHD-1.
      • Caterpillar: ECF-2, ECF-1-A.
      • Cummins: CES 20078,77,76,75,72,71.
      • DDC: 93K215.
      • Deutz: DQC III- 10.
      • IVECO T1.
      • Mack: EO-M+, EO-M.
      • MAN: M3275-1.
      • MB Approval: 228.3.
      • MTU: Category 2.
      • Renault Trucks: RLD-2.
      • Volvo: VDS-3.
      • CNH MAT 3520.
      • 12 x 1L packs.
      • 3 x 5L packs.
      • 20L pail.
      • 209L drum.