Shell Spirax S3 ATF MD3 / D209L

Shell Spirax S3 ATF MD3 / D209L

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Shell Spirax S3 ATF MD3 is a premium quality automatic transmission fluid based on high viscosity index mineral oils and carefully selected additives. It is blended to meet the stringent requirements of leading automotive transmission manufacturers.

• Passenger car automatic transmissions.
• Heavy duty automatic transmissions.
• Power steering units.
• Certain hydraulic applications calling for oils meeting ISO VG 32- 46-68 viscosity requirements.

Suitable for use in all vehicles where GM Dexron® III, Ford Mercon® or Allison C-4 fluids are required.
Do not use where GM Dexron® VI or Ford Mercon® V/Mercon® SP/ Mercon® LV fluids are specified.
It is dyed red.

• 12 x 1L packs.
• 4 x 4L packs.
• 20L pail.
• 209L drum.
• 6x1L packs.

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