Shell Spirax S5 ATF X / P20L

Shell Spirax S5 ATF X / P20L

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Shell Spirax S5 ATF X / P20L
    • Shell Spirax S5 ATF is a blend of synthetic base stocks with an advanced additive system for automatic and powershift transmissions. It is fully qualified as a DEXRON-III (H), MERCON, MERCON V and Allison C-4 fluid. In addition, Shell Spirax S5 ATF is recommended for a wide range of other OEM transmissions and can function as a Caterpillar TO-2 lubricant.

    • Shell Spirax S5 ATF is formulated to provide protection that meets or exceeds the highest quality standards in the industry. The specially balanced additive system protects against shudder, eliminates the need to stock ATF supplements and ensures a high performance smooth driving experience. Carefully balanced friction modifiers allow friction retention for long life performance and maintain the smooth lock-ups required by a wide variety of vehicles. Enhanced oxidation, thermal stability and corrosion resistance helps maintain year round protection
      of the transmission components.

      • Passenger car automatic transmissions.
      • Heavy duty automatic transmissions.
      • Power steering units.
      • Certain hydraulic applications calling for oils meeting ISO VG 32- 46-68 viscosity requirements. This product has demonstrated through many thousands of miles of field experience suitable performance in a large range of automatic transmission requirements.
      • General Motors GM DEXRON III(H) (also suitable for transmissions demanding Dexron, Dexron II, Dexron II, Dexron III).
      • Ford MERCON Ford MERCON V General Motors Allison C-4.
      • ZF TE-ML 14B, 16L Voith 55.6335.32 (G607).
      • Suitable for performance in applications requiring the following specifications**:
      • Chrysler ATF+, ATF+2, ATF+2
      • Type 7176,ATF+3, ATF +4.
      • BMW LA2634, LT71141.
      • HONDA ATF-Z1 (except in CVTs) FORD Type F.
      • MAN 339F.
      • Mitsubishi Diamond SP-II, SP-III. Hyundai Diamond SP-II, SP-III.
      • Nissan Matic-D, Matic-J.
      • Toyota Types: T, T-III, T-IV.
      • Volvo JWS 3309.
      • Caterpillar TO-2.

      ** No formal approval exists but satisfactory performance has been demonstrated.

      • 20L pail.