Shell Tellus S3 M 46 / D209L

Shell Tellus S3 M 46 / D209L

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Shell Tellus S3 M 46 / D209L
    • Shell Tellus S3 M Oils are ‘top-tier’, anti-wear hydraulic oils formulated to be the ultimate ‘high reference oil’ in the hydraulics industry. Based on advanced ‘zinc and chlorine free’ technology, Shell Tellus Oils S3 M are formulated to ensure exceptional performance in hydraulic fluid power transmission systems subjected to severe duty. Zinc-free hydraulic oils for severe duty ISO VG 46.

    • Primary application in industrial, marine and mobile hydraulic and fluid power transmission systems.

    • Shell Tellus Oils S3 M have been tested and approved to exceed the following industry requirements:

      • Denison Hydraulie’s (HF-0, HF-1 and HF-2).
      • Eaton Vickers.
      • Fives Cincinatti P-70 (ISO 46).
      • ISO 11158 (HM Fluids).
      • DIN 51524-2 (HLP Oils).
      • ASTM 6158 (HM Mineral Oil).
      • SS 15 54 34M.
      • 209L drum.
      • 1000L drum.