NO FEES GOfuel Fuel cards - Mobil, BP & Z

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At GOfuel we do not charge a transaction fee, card fee, annual fee or monthly fee on our fuel cards. We don’t even charge you to get the cards to you! This way all you do is save, save, save!

GOfuel 'NO FEES' fuel cards from Mobil, BP and Z offer you great savings off fuel prices nationwide.

The fuel cards are widely accepted by more than 1500 Service Stations, Fuel Outlets, Truckstops and Marina sites throughout New Zealand.

Don’t want the credit card pre-authorisation of $1500 when using marine payment terminals – get a GOfuel fuel card and you won’t need to worry anymore and you’ll get a discount on every litre spent.

Want to save more?

If you are a commercial marine business, call us and have a chat. We may be able to give you a better price for your boat fuel.

Sign up for a "NO FEES" GOfuel fuel card today or call us on 0800 42 83 83 and talk to our Fuel Card Team to work out the best deal for you.

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