Top tips for getting your boat ready

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With nearly half of all kiwis going boating – we have put together some tips to help you get your boat ready for the summer.
Tip 1: Make sure your boat is running smoothly – put some Fyrex into your diesel fuel tank – this will not only clean your engine but will improve performance, reduce your emissions and kill diesel bug! Order here.
Tip 2: Clean the fuel filter and check fuel lines for leaks. 
Tip 3: If you have had fuel sitting in your boat for a while, add some fresh fuel to it to restore its performance.
Tip 4: 50% of Coastguard call outs are for people not having enough fuel/starter battery failure – remember the fuel rule: 1/3 there, 1/3 back and 1/3 just in case!
Tip 5: Remember to grease the wheel bearings on your trailer. Our team can help you select the correct grease.
Tip 6: Boat trailers need a warrant of fitness.
Tip 7: Always check the weather forecast – if in doubt don’t go out.
Tip 8: Apply for a GOfuel fuel card. Fuel cards don’t just give you a discount at all GOfuel Marine sites throughout New Zealand but it also saves you money at service stations, so you can save on fuel for your car too! Apply here.
Tip 9: Check you have enough life jackets for everyone who is going to be on board.
Tip 10: Check your outboard, pull cord, kill switch, throttle and gear shift are all working.
Top tip: And don’t forget to put your bung in!
Take care and have fun while you are out on the water.

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