Sustainability and the Marine Sector

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Sustainability is a top priority for many businesses at the moment, both in terms of business performance and the environment.

The marine sector is no different with many looking for ways to ensure they are contributing to a sustainable future. 

In 2019, Cabinet agreed to accede to Annex VI, subject to undertaking a National Interest Assessment. This assessment was completed in June 2020 and it was recommended that accession to Annex VI was in New Zealand’s interests. It is aimed at reducing harmful ship emissions that affect the climate and public health.

As part of this change the industry will need to use low sulphur fuel. Luckily for New Zealand the fuel that is refined at Marsden Point Oil Refinery is all low sulphur. 

GOfuel provide fuel to many in the marine sector and are aware of the importance of providing sustainable products. There are a range of products available that help reduce your carbon footprint. Below are some of the options GOfuel supply that will help you do this.


GOfuel add Fyrex CI Diesel Fuel Treatment to supply tanks at some of its marine fuel facilities including: Westhaven, Gulf Harbour, Bridge Marina and Sulphur Point. This product is engineered to deliver customers the best fuel available while reducing CO2 and noxious emissions. 

Fyrex CI is an 'all in one' product which:​

  • Reduces CO2 & Noxious emissions
  • Improves fuel efficiency by 4-7% plus 
  • Increases engine power
  • Reduces engine wear 
  • Provides engine & fuel system protection 
  • Reduces particulates & black Smoke by 24% 
  • Eliminates corrosion resistant biological growth
  • Reduces fuel foaming.

In June 2021 an emission trial was conducted on Fyrex CI Diesel Fuel Treatment.

The purpose of the testing was to evaluate the levels of exhaust gases – Carbon Monoxide (CO), Nitric Oxide (NO), Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), and Nitrous Oxides (NOX – a combination of NO and NO2) present under varying load conditions - 0% - 50% - 70% and 100%.

Fyrex CI Diesel Fuel Treatment performed well reducing emissions in every category tested. The results are below.


Mobil are looking to release a Diesel Efficient fuel which is engineered to lower emission and give fuel savings. GOfuel will keep you informed when this is ready to trial in our marine fuel facilities around New Zealand.


Castrol have a range called Vecton which is the World’s first certified carbon neutral diesel engine oil. With every litre of Castrol Vecton used your business will help to reduce, replace and neutralise 2kg of CO2.

Shell Naturelle™ lubricants protect equipment and the environment. They go beyond being “environmentally acceptable” to reducing emissions thanks to renewable and sustainable bio-based raw materials and are carbon neutral through investment projects that protect and restore nature. 

LubEco™ is a company that provide high performance biodegradable oils and greases (Bio-lubricants*. Their product range has been specifically designed to accommodate the general need for high performance lubricants with no compromise to the cost efficiency and environmental protection. They are produced from renewable resources, readily biodegradable and non-toxic. 

LubEco have developed BIO 2T OUTBOARD OIL, which is a superior performance NMMA TC-W3® fully tested and certified lubricant for all 2-Stroke gasoline engines of outboards, jet-ski and other leisure craft. It is engineered using the latest technology for the ultimate protection of the engine, is readily biodegradable and is non-toxic in a marine environment.

If you would like to discuss or look into sustainable fuels, additives and lubricants, please contact GOfuel and they will send a Business Manager to meet with you and provide you with suitable options.

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